American Research and Engineering

American Research & Engineering is committed to being the most trustworthy source of engineering services and product design.

ARE is intelligent and deliberate in our use of design engineering concepts. We don’t design a product just because we can; we see the next step in technological progression and we boldly take it. We make a better product to accomplish today’s task and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. As a customer, you should not accept low-tech, high cost designs and inaccurate test results that reduce program profitability and expend valuable time in your launch schedule. Look to ARE to share Unquestioned Technical Competence in product design and engineering testing services.

As with all Capsonic Companies, ARE harnesses the Power of Fusion and releases it to its partners and customers creating a powerful wave of energy for their value stream. The Power of Fusion is a commitment to our customers for a positive sourcing experience based on the right combination of some of the most valuable characteristics: vast product/process expertise, optimal global value streams, world class manufacturing capabilities & facilities and leadership in technological innovation..


Capsonic Fusion

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Powerful Value

    Combining all the Key Business Elements under the Best Operational Controls creating a Powerful Source of Energy for your Value Stream.

    It’s not just one thing – it is providing the right combination of things with the right focus that creates the Power of Capsonic Fusion!

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