American Research and Engineering
Application: Passenger Vehicle, Light Duty truck, Class 8 truck, Special Application
Description: Normally open push button momentary switch
Options: Flat Button, Recessed Button, Carbon Contacts, Gold Contacts, Silver Contacts
Graphics:Available Upon Request

Mechanical Specifications

Temperature Range: -40 °C + 105 °C
Cycle Life: ~70,000 cycles
Approx. Package Size: 30mm x 24mm x 24mm
Nominal Switch Point: 75% – 85% of Full Travel
Nominal Actuation Force: 3.N with 30% Tactile Ratio. 1.0N – 4.0N Configurations available
Max Applied Force: 100N+ Max Overload Force in any direction
Mount:Panel Mount, Tube Mount, Custom Mount

Electrical Specifications

Rated Voltage: 5.0-24VDC
Rated Power: 5W Max.
Low Current Applications:Carbon Contacts, 5.0mA – 30mA, 20Ω Max Resistance
High Current Applications:Gold Contacts, 5.0mA – 300mA, 50mΩ Max Resistance, Silver Contacts, 5.0mA – 20mA, 1Ω Max Resistance
>Contact Bounce < 10ms for all applications
>1 MΩ Circuit Isolation for all applications.

Welcome to the ARE Custom Component Builder

With our easy to use customization tool, you can create your switch, your way. If you require an option that is not listed below, just contact us! The ARE Tech Team will assist you in building the best product to meet your specifications/requirements.

Click the box that corresponds with your choice of options listed in the below table. The code for that option will drop down to the part number field at the bottom of the table, creating the custom part number to your switch. It’s that simple! Use that part number to place your order or for contacting ARE for more information.

Product Code

  • Momentary Switch (MO)

Switch Cover

  • Flat Button (FB)
  • Recessed Button (RB)
  • Custom Button (CB)


  • No Graphics (NG)
  • Custom Graphics (CG)

Electrical Specifications

  • Carbon Contacts (CC)
  • Gold Contacts (GC)
  • Silver Contacts (SC)
  • Customer Specified Contacts (CS)

Mounting Options

  • Tube Mounting (TM)
  • Pannel Mounting (PM)
  • Custom Mounting (CM)

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