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ARE’s Engineering and Technology group is located in Capsonic’s Elgin Technical Center and is structured to support all facets of Product Design, Product Testing, and Support for life of Product.

The ARE Technical Group has many years of experience supporting the Quality of Production Products for Automotive and Aerospace markets. The stringent (and fast) requirements of Root Cause Identification for suppliers and customers in those Value Streams can be difficult to support. ARE’s equipment, Part Analysis Procedures, and Technical staff knowledge to assess analysis data to draw accurate causal conclusions makes ARE a very valuable means of support for companies requiring Failure analyses support.

ARE (and the extended accessible laboratories of the Capsonic Companies’ facilities) provide internal capabilities to conduct the most frequently required tests/analysis of mechanical and electromechanical products. ARE also has access agreements with outside labs/analysis companies to promptly conduct other analysis types that are not done internal to ARE. The result is the ability to provide a prompt and comprehensive part failure / root cause identification analysis for customers with the summary documentation to support the quality concern reporting format that each customer requires to satisfy its (or its customers’) procedures.

ARE further has the Engineering Staff experience to provide recommendations (if desired by customers) for product design or prcessing changes to permanently correct the root cause(s) identified. Support of the full “Problem-to-Solution” path is our goal for all of our analysis/evaluation customers.

Turn a Problem into an Opportunity – bring it to ARE to access the energy of Fusion!

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