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A.R.E.’s Engineering and Technology group is located in Capsonic’s Elgin Technical Center and is structured to support all facets of Product Design, Product Testing, and Support for life of Product. R&D is also conducted within, and coordinated with academia by, the Technical team. The goal is “Unquestioned Technical Competence,” in every step of the design of a product.

The Engineering Group has many years of experience writing specifications for, and designing products to meet established specifications for, the Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Agricultural, Electrical Connection, Industrial Valve & Pump, and Commercial Products Industries. Active knowledge of industry standards and certification requirements, as well as real understanding of component part processing, allow our Technical teams to convert the technical requirements of our customers into robust & manufacturable product/sub-system designs.

Our technical Design Process has been proven through years of application in Automotive and Aerospace products, and the Products resultant from it are stellar in quality performance in the field. The tools we use are State-of-the-Art, founded in 3 Dimensional Solids-based Designs, from which we can iterate a variety of CAE simulations and FEA Analyses. Multiple Design alternatives can be evaluated and an optimized design can be selected prior to any money being spent on physical parts.  We work with a Robust Design/Failure Modes Effect (FMEA) approach, and thus can provide broad supporting documentation for designs to progress customer more quickly toward certification & production. The team has interaction with a broad set of material and component suppliers, and R&D technologists, allowing integration of new and manufacturable technologies. This assures ARE Design Services customers that the work product supplied is ahead of the curve in technical content and its ability for fast to market.

If you have a tough Design problem, bring it to ARE to tap into the endless energy of Fusion!

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