Prototype Image_GrandPrixSHIFTER14 Prototype

ARE’s Engineering and Technology group is located in Capsonic’s Elgin Technical Center and is structured to support all facets of Product Design, Product Testing, and Support for life of Product.

The ARE Technical Center maintains all 3D Solids Computer tools (CAD & CAM & others) to convert part design into the digital file format needed to support all types of prototyping for physical parts.

ARE has access to Capsonic Facilities’ Quality Laboratories and Shops, possessing capabilities for EDM and CNC processing of metal parts and some plastics/resins. This can support both Rapid Prototyping and Hard Part Prototyping (test capable).

ARE controls time in captive Tooling Shops specializing in Plastic Molds and Stamping Dies, and thus can support short lead time Soft Tooling for Hard Part Prototyping (test capable). ARE has access to Capsonic molding equipment in order to Injection Mold, Insert Mold, or Overmold prototype parts from the Soft Tooling created.

Prototype wire harnesses can also be produced in ARE facility or at Capsonic manufacturing facilities depending on the wire type, gage, and termination method required for prototypes.

ARE’s Technical Center has personnel and lab space to conduct the full assembly and functional verification of the full prototype parts, and can provide compliance documentation to support same.

ARE turns Speed and Pressure into the energy of Fusion!

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