Resource and Transfer


Capsonic Automotive has been actively involved for more than 10 years in the movement of product lines (poor quality, unacceptable delivery, unprofitable) from customers’ facilities and customers’ other supplier locations. We maintain a standing cross functional team that is specifically chartered to accomplish such transitions. Our successful history in such endeavors includes large transfers (>5000 separate Part Numbers) and small (single product lines, 5-10 component part numbers), and have included product lines in the Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Truck and Consumer Products industries. After-Transfers average improvement in Quality is >300%, improvement in Costs have been >50%, and improvement in Delivery has been >75%. We have performed emergency transfers for Automotive OEM customers over a weekend, including component tool moves. The standing capital processes that Capsonic maintains inside its own facility provide the basis to switch over sources/processes that are typically long lead items within a very short period of time. For those components/processes that require outside supply, our historical experience has yielded a set of partner suppliers who are also accomplished at rapid transfers and re-certifications of tools.

Capsonic experience in product transfer is a unique capability that other suppliers in these marketplaces do not provide. In combination with the other Full Service Support aspects of our capabilities, Capsonic’s customers agree: the transitioned product lines act as proof of our manufacturing improvement expertise, providing a strong beginning to supply relationships that those customers cannot find anywhere else. The growth that Capsonic has seen with customers that have made use of such expertise is the clearest indication that the Capsonic capabilities are the future of the supply base, NOW!!!