Product Information


Capsonic designs, tests and manufactures Interior and Exterior Lighting Products for use in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Interior Lighting products have visible surface development &illuminated surface approval, while exterior/compartment lighting is developed to withstand the environmental and temperature-related rigors of each custom application.

Illumination Product Technologies

  • Incandescent, LED, Electroluminescent
    • Printed/Flex Thinline LED
  • Interior Passenger and Storage Compartment Lamps/Subsystems
  • Trunk/Underhood Compartment Lamp Assemblies
    • Tilt & Self Activation Control
  • Aircraft Compartment Lighting
  • Sealed and Hi/Low Temp Applications
  • Switch Backlighting
  • Front Lighting


Process Capabilities

  • Laser Etching - Negative Contrast & Etch thru Chrome technologies available via outside partners
  • Backlighting – Incadnescent, LED and Electro-Luminescent
  • Direct lighting via Incandescent (fractional wattage & full) or LED (single color or multiple;low or high intensity) & Dissipation
  • Welding & Soldering for Bulb/LED and discrete Electronics attach
  • Direct Lenses (Glass and Molded & Diffusing Lenses ( Molded & Glass/etched)
  • Reflector Forming- molding/plating options
  • Full Design & Development: Concept, Prototype, Validation Testing, Tooling, Production Verification, Continued Conformance
Sub-system Applications

with examples of Capsonic product usage:


  • Steering Column, Steering Wheel & Column Shifter
    • PRNDL
    • Surround Lighting
  • Overhead Interiors
    • Dome/Map Lighting
  • Center Console
    • PRNDL
    • Surround Lighting
  • Door/Seat
    • Sill Lighting
    • Bolster
    • Entry/Map Pocket



  • Aircraft
    • Cargo
    • Service Corridor
    • Passenger Compartment