Product Information


Capsonic produces custom motor and power generation assemblies utilizing both internally developed motor/assemblies as well as incorporating pre-tooled motors. We are also integrated to produce components and sub-assemblies for other motor systems where full assembly is accomplished elsewhere. Optimal manufacturing techniques, matched to volume and complexity, provide for cost-effective and reliable quality.

Motor Product Types and Technologies

  • Brush Type DC
  • Brushless DC
  • AC Inductance
  • Current Transformers
  • Winding / Assembly
  • Lamination Stacks
  • Wound and Formed Coil Assemblies
  • Rotor Assemblies
  • Stator Assemblies
  • Brush Sub-Assemblies
  • Non Contact Commutators/Controls

Process Info

  • Stator Winding – Low & Mid Volume, one piece flow, various slot and length geometries
  • Lamination Stacks – Bonded, Welded, Skewed, Impregnated Assemblies
  • Rotor and Shaft Assemblies – Brush and Brushless Assemblies, Low Temp Shaft Insertions, Balancing and Grinding – OD & ID
  • Brush cards and Brush Holder Assemblies – Discrete electronics attach, Insert Molded bases
  • Commutator Sub-Assemblies – Copper brush and Semiconductor brushless
  • Motor & Gear Actuators – High actuation speed, High force, Latching
  • Design & Development: Design to Specification (with or without external Design Partner), Prototype, Validation Testing, Tooling, Production Verification, Continued Conformance
Sub-system Applications

with examples of Capsonic product usage:


  • Automotive - Center Console
    • HVAC
  • Seat
    • Adjustment Mechanisms
  • Automotive - Door
    • Window Lift
    • Auto Closing
    • Rear Wiper
  • Automotive - Steering Column
    • Tilt & Telescope
  • Industrial Products
    • Blower Control



  • Starter/Generator
  • Vacuum Generator
  • Real Time Spun Load
  • Flow Inlet Activation
  • Access Door Actuation