Product Information

Wire Harness

Capsonic develops optimized custom wire processing systems to match with other fabrication systems (for example molding, bonding, insertion, PC connect) so to provide unique solutions to difficult customer requirements. We produce many of our harness products to be integral to, or incorporated with, other devices that we produce in our factories: sensors with integral harnesses, overmolded/sealed harness assemblies, and switches with bonded harness leads are just a few examples.

Wiring Products Types & Technologies:

  • Stand Alone & Part Of Assemblies
  • Safety Critical Harnesses
  • Semi-Automated Wire
  • Automated Processing
  • Ribbon Cable Capability
  • Braided Cable Capability
  • Automated Processing
  • Fuel & Oil Systems-Compatible Products


Process Info

  • Automated Cut/Strip/Terminate; Semi-Automated for constructions where automation is not applicable
  • Automated Post Termination processes such as bending, forming, coining
  • 100% Electrical Testing for every internal line, Variable Data Testing/Retention, Serializing, Vision Systems incorporated on some lines
  • Insert Molding/Overmolding – Integrally sealed connections, Structural Interconnects & Clips
  • Discharge and Grounding Cable Assemblies – Braided Cable & Hi Gage Wire
  • Communication and Mixed Mode Harnesses – Wire Twisting
  • Full Design and Development: Concept, Prototype, Validation Testing, Tooling, Production Verification, Continued Conformance
Sub-system Applications

with examples of Capsonic product usage:


  • Steering Column, Steering Wheel & Column Shifter
    • Airbag Deploy
    • Sensor Harnesses
    • Shifter Switch Control
    • Multifunction & Steering Wheel Controls
  • Overhead/Sidewall
    • Side Curtain Airbag
  • Seat
    • Seat Belt Pretensioners
    • Seat Sensor
  • Fuel
    • Fuel Pump Power & Sensor
    • Fuel Level
  • Engine/Transmission
    • TurboCharger Control / Air Flow
    • Grounding Cable & Wires
    • Transmission Controls/Sensor Harnesses



  • Steering Column, Steering Wheel & Column Shifter
  • Overhead/Sidewall
  • Seat
  • Fuel


  • Transmission-Wire-Harnesses
  • SRA-Harness-Truck-Trans-blind-sealed-fit
  • TECHM-Trans-Sensor-and-Wire-Asm-1

  • Integrated-Switch-Wire-Harness
  • Integrated-Wire-Products-Close-up
  • vertically-integrated-fuel-flange-assembly

  • Wire-Harness-General-Motors-Inline-Engines
  • 2014-04-04-15.43.44
  • GM-Ground-Cable-Variations
  • Hi-Current-Ground-Cable-General-Motors-Premium-V8